Rate of Climb Indicator

Name: Rate of Climb Indicator (Type 95)
Product:Tokyo aviation Indicator
Use Model Unkown
Name: There is an adjustment knob in a lower part
Name: Rate of Climb Indicator (Type 95 Model 2)
Product Tokyo aviation Indicator, Shinagawa production place
Use Model Type 95 Model 3 Trainer,Type 97 Fighter,Type 99 Light Bomber,Type 100 com.reconáV,Type 1 Trainer,Type 2 Twin-Engine fighter,Type 4 Heavy Bombe,Type 4 Primary Traner
Name:There is an adjustment knob on the right
Name:Rate of Climb Indicator (Type 97)
Product Tokyo aviation Indicator, Tokyo aviation Indicator
Use Model Type 1,Type 2,Type 3,Type 4 and Type 5 Fighter,Ki-102"OTU",Ki-106
Name:Rate of Climb Indicator (Type 3)
Product Unkown
Use Model Ki-83,Ki-105
Name: Rate of Climb Indicator (Type 3 "Kou")
Product: Unkown
Use Model Ki-94áU