Luftwaffe Indicator Parts Reference Codes

Commodity number Indicator name Indication production date Production number Note
FL20206 Tachometer 1936.1935
FL20212 Tachometer 0-24*100 Original Bruhn
FL20222 Tachometer 6-35*100
FL20222-3 Tachometer 6-35*100 Original Bruhn
FI20227 Tachometer 5-35*~100 1935 7244 Machine Type
FL20270 Tachometer 5-35*100 Dual Pinter
FL20283-1 Tachometer 1941
FL20284-2 Tachometer 6-33*100 Deuta-Morell
FL20284-3 Tachometer 1939
FL202? Tachometer 400-3600
FL20285-1 Tachometer
FL20286-3 Tachometer 500-3500 Single Pinter electricity Type
FL20326 Fuel pressure gauge 0 .5 kg/cm2
FL20342 Temperature gauge 0-130 127-5001 A-1
FL20342-2 Temperature gauge 0-120
FL20343 Temperature gauge 0-160 Siemens Supercharger outside air intake temperature
Coolant Temperature gauge 0-150 Me262
FL20346-4 Outside Air Temperature gauge -50 - +40
FL20349 Outside Air Temperature gauge -50 - +40
FL20358 Temperature gauge
FL20504 Oil pressure Guage 0-10 kg/cm2
FL20504-1 Pressure gauge
FL20504-3 Water methane boost pressure guage 0-3 kg/cm2
FL20512-1 Fuel pressure gauge 0-63
FL20512-2 Fuel oil pressure gauge 0-2, 0-10
FL20512-3 Oil and Fuel pressure gauge 0 3, 0 15
FL20516-4 Pressure gauge Kg/cm2
FL20552 Manifold pressure gauge 200-2500
FL20553 Propeller pitch? 2-20 MmWs~100
FL20555 Ata Indicator 0.6-1.8
FL20556 Ata Indicator 0.6-1.8 Dual Pinter, 1 Pinter R
FL Ata Indicator 0-35 (inside) Dual Pinter, the outside: 0.6-2.0
FL20682 Temperature/pressure gauge 0-130*2 +0,0.4,0.6,0.8,1
FL20723 Fuel Gauge 0-380 0`900 *100, Bf109? L
FL22207 Air Speed Indicator 50-350 1935. 2.23 252493
FL22228 Air Speed Indicator 50-350
FL22229 Air Speed Indicator 0-450 1937 ~100, Bf109? L
FL22230 Air Speed Indicator 0-550 km/h 39.
FL22231 Air Speed Indicator 0-700 km/h
FL222? Air Speed Indicator 0-450 37.
FL22233 Air Speed Indicator 60-400
FL22234 Air Speed Indicator 100-900
FL Air Speed Indicator 100-1000 Do335
FL22240 Air Speed Indicator 70-700
FL22316 Altimeter
FL22316-1 Altimeter
FL22316-6 Altimeter Bomber
FL22316-10 Altimeter 0-9
FL22317 Altimeter Anforderz,Statischer Druck
Altimeter 0-100 SW: Aus-Ein
Altimeter 0-150
AFN2 ?
FL22320 Altimeter 0.1-1 12.42 Bal587
FL22322 Altimeter 0.1-1
FL22334 Long-distance compass
FL22380-10 Rate of Climb Indicator 0-10 1940
FL22381 Rate of Climb Indicator 0-10 1937. 6.23 682984 (11,39)
FL22381-10 Rate of Climb Indicator 0-10 Ludolph
FL22382 Rate of Climb Indicator 0-10 0 - }15
FL22384 Rate of Climb Indicator 0-15 618,480
FL22386 Rate of Climb Indicator 0`30 349
FL22402 Turn and Bank Indicator  - -  1939 HANGT
FL22411-1 Artificial Horizon
FL22412 Turn and Bank Indicator L- -R › Normal
FL22414 Turn and Bank Indicator - -   Small size
FL22420 Transformer Electricity ceremony
FL22423 Artificial Horizon Made by Bauart licensed from Sperry
FL22451-1 Attitude case
FL22559-2 Auto pilot master selector switch Siemens
FL22561 Directional Gyro K196 kurskreisel
FL22563-1 KURSMOTOR Me262
FL22600 Clock
FL22802 G meter BM4W4
FL228?5 127-5701 C-2
FL23233 Magnetic Compass 0-360 FK38
FL23235 Wrist compass 0-360 AK39
FL23235-1 Wrist compass 0-360 AK39
FL23331 Master compass
FL23345 Magnetic Compass 0-360 Turn and Bank Indicator? Compass
FL23470 Magnetic Compass 0-360 Large Airplane
FL23474 Magnetic Compass 127-117A MADE BY J. C for › large Airplane
FL23750 Sextant
FL23883 Clock 213615 Outside
FL23885 Clock
FL23886 Clock
FL23886-1 Clock
FL23888 Clock
FL23889 Clock
FL26517-3 Radio socket
FL26600A? CONSUMPTION 100-500 L/h
FL26779 Troat microphone
FL27002 Homing NAHE
FL2930? Signal mirror
FL29720 Life raft 2 man
FL29730-1 Signal mirror
FL29730-3 Signal mirror
FL30014 Life raft Single place
FL30026 Paddle
FL30028 Dye marker
FL30154 Inflatable vest 10-30 Auto inflatable
FL30154-1 Inflatable vest 10-30 B1 Auto inflatable
FL30154-2 Inflatable vest 10-30 B2 Auto inflatable
FL30156 Kapok Full back style 10-76A or 10-76B-1
FL30208 Parachute Harness
FL30210 Parachute Pack
FL30231 Parachute Seat type
FL30232 Parachute Back pack type
FL30245 Parachute Back type
FL30489 Oxygen flow guage 02-WACHTER
FL30496 Pressure gauge 0-250 SAUERSTOFF small Indicator
FL32250 SW 19-5821 A-1
FL31216 Flying helment LKp S100
FL31217 Flying helment LKp W100
FL32313 Switching lever AUS-EIN
FL32345-2 SW 19-5814B-3
FL32350 SW 9-5821 A-1
FL32401-4 Dimmer control siemens Bauart
FL32402-1 Dimmer control Siemens Halske
FL32403-1 Flying suit heater control siemens Bauart 24V
FL32403-3 Thermic rays clothing control device Aus-Ein Near version: Ju87A use
FL32501-1 Ammeter 0-30 W443443
FL32502-7 Voltmeter (0`40)
FL32509-3 Ammeter BAL 543
FL32525-2 BM.LMA1/2 126-707 ?A
FL32600 Jacques SIGHT: 126-835A-1
FL32601 Cancer camera SIEMENS WING CAMERA
FL32603 Jacques Fuel capacity total
FL32824 Connector 40V 25A
FL35657 Camera lens cap
FL38509 Camera filter
FL410201 Life raft 1 man
FL410202 Life raft 4 Man
FL410203 Life raft 3 man
FL410206 Life raft
FL410308 Winter emergency supply container
FL415000 Life raft
FL415001-1 Life raft cover
FL41541? Gas bottle
FL415610 Signal mirror
FL415617 Flask 10-6068A-1
FL47915 Operation Grip KG13A Cerat Nr 102-288A
FL50959 Bomb selector panel 18-351A-1
FL52085 Reve 3c Gunsight Nr.3841
FL52095 REVI C/12D 21536 Gunsight Different: 32,303
FL52116 Reve 3c Gunsight Nr.3500
FL52160 REVI C/12 C Gunsight
FL52172 REVI E2A Gunsight
FL52752 Bombing sight PVE 8E-1
FL52870 Bombing sight Stuvi 5B
FL52940 REVI 16A Gunsight
FL52955 REVI 16B 100239 Gunsight
THm/44KK Gunsight
FL90220 Camera 0-1750 ESA2000a 1178 24V
FL98000 Radio Direction Indicator abacus
LN24648 Smoke signal canister
LN26602 Helmet cover?
LN26617 Helmet
LN26618 Helmet
LN26670 Helmet
LN26779-2 Throat microphone
LN26779-3 Throat microphone

A modification and addition. It conducted it by the cooperation of the friend of Germany.

FL Ata Indicator 0~35 (inside)
FL Air Speed Indicator Dual Pinter, the outside: 0.6~2.0
FL202? Tachometer 0`36~100