Other Air Forces Gunsights (Incomplete)


Name Usage Method Use Model  Note
Switzerland OPL RX-31 Gunsight Fighter Reflector D-3800(M.S.406)
Revi 3b? Gunsight Fighter Reflector Bf109E-1a 30 importation from Germany
Revi 3c Gunsight Fighter Reflector Bf109E-3 50 importation from Germany
Revi C/12D Gunsight Fighter Reflector Bf109G-6 12 importation from Germany
Rumania GM-U Gunsight Fighter Reflector Hurricane Mk.I
IAR 80,81
In April, 1939 Rumania ordered 50 hurricane MKTto England, and the same time they get GM-U
Gunsight. They attached this sight to an IAR80s fighter.
Unkown Fighter Reflector IAR 80,81
This gunsights by licensed production or the special order of GM-II.
The big difference from GM-II is having changed the firing range and
the wingspan scale into the meter display from foot.
Revi 2b Gunsight Fighter Reflector He 112E B-1
He 112E B-2
Goerz Gunsight
Revi 3c Gunsight Fighter Reflector Bf109E-3
Revi C/12D Gunsight Fighter Reflector Bf109G-2/G-4/G-6
Hungary San Giorgio Gunsight
Tyoe B Early
Fighter Reflector CR.42 72 importation from Italy
San Giorgio Gunsight
Tyoe C Early
Fighter Reflector Re.2000 70 importation from Italy
Revi C/12 D Gunsight Fighter Reflector Bf109F-4B Delivered to Germany
Revi 16B Gunsight Fighter Reflector Bf109G-6/G-10/G-14 Delivered to Germany
Finnish Photograph no BBC.AAK-1 Gunsight Fighter Reflector I-153
Goerz Gunsight Fighter Telescope Fokker D.XXI
B-239 Buffalo (F2A-1)
Goertz optical tube-sight
San Giorgio Gunsight
Type B Early
Fighter Reflector Fiat G.50
THm/3? Gunsight
(Revi 2b or2c)
Fighter Reflector Finnish Fighter
THm/3? Gunsight
(Revi 3a)
Fighter Reflector Fokker D.XXI
THm/40 Gunsight
(Revi 3c)
Fighter Reflector B-239 Buffalo (F2A-1)
Cutiss H75A-1,A-2,A-3,A-4
Cutiss H75A-6
Fokker D.XXI
Gladiator Mk.II
Imported or license of Revi 3c
Revi C/12C Gunsight Fighter Reflector Cutiss H75A-1,A-2,A-3
Finnish obtained 15 Cutiss H75As from German War Booty Depot, from 1943 to 1944.
Overhaul of an Cutiss H75As and changed to an Germany equipments.(Radio,Gunsight etc)
Revi C/12D Gunsight Fighter Reflector Bf109G-2
THm/44Kk Gunsight Fighter Reflector Finnish Myrsky Finnish pure Production Gunsight
Photo:Yoichi Shimoda 
"THm/44Kk"=Tahatin Malli/44 Kone kivari(Finnish)=Sight Model /44 Machine gun(English)
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