Fuel Gauge
Name: Fuel gauge? Model (Electric Type)
Use Model:
Note: Single Pinter,Body tank, Outside 0 to 28 Front tank ,Inside 0 to 18 Lae tank, lower part knob
Fuel gauge
(Electric Type)
Variation T
Capacity in11.8,out16.2 in19.2,out20.6 in30,out30 in19.1,out39.2
Name: Fuel gauge
Product: Unkow
Use Model: Type 1Attack Bomber,
Note:Single Pinter, 0 to 60
Fuel gauge
(Electric Type)
Variation U
Capacity 80 200 250 800 1000
Use Model "RAIDEN" "SEIRAN" Type 1Attack Bomber
Type 2 Flting Boot
Product Fuji Fuji
Name: Fuel gauge? Model
Use Model: "Type 0 Tran"