composite photograph by cg 3d studio funatsu info
 Thank you for accessing the web site of the 3D studio Funatsu.
 This studio is due to open the middle of August, 2009.
 Although it is among preoperation, the attitude whose work is possible is ready.
 It is sure that CG work of this studio can stand on the role of your company.
 Please contact me.
 January 8, 1999  open web site "Funatsu Aviation Instruments Museum"
 February 26, 2005  open web site "3D Studio Funatsu "
 August 16, 2009  Business is started with retirement.
 About a 3DCG
 "Restoration of the missing history" and "What realizes an instant to be a photo
 over long time, and builds an instant over the time when 3DCG is long."
 Work content
 If there is a plan of old Japanese armor or Japanese army/navy,
 3D studio Funatsu will be able to cooperate.

3DCG manufacture
  Arms (tank, artillery, machine gun, airplane, etc.),
  human beings (armor, military uniform wear, etc.)