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 Info from 3D Studio Funatsu Mail:
 This is a business site.
 The sample image is published in the site,explanation is omitted.
 In my studio, the arms in Japan(armor,tamk,howizer), especially work of armor and aircrafts control panel are made elated.
 A cover illustration and an explanatory material, and its use are large.
 I am waiting for the art work request out of the world.

New art work
New art work "Rekisijin"The April issue (March 12, 2013 sale)

It took charge of Izo Okada and Shozan Sakuma in the special edition
"history of assassination of the end-of-Edo-Period Restoration."
The original picture of the published work is introduced.
It is the expansion version by click.
Japanese Army Type 92 cannon Cockpit Tachikawa Ki-54 <Hichory>

Japanese armor & arms 3DCG gallery Japanese
 From the Jomon period to the present age is divided into 12 groups, and the armor and arms representing each time are introduced.
 It is under work still now.
 The armor and arms of China (Qin, Sui and Tang), Korea (Koguryo, Silla, Baekje, and Gaya), Scythia, and a frank kingdom are restored.

Armor data
 Japanese old armor is investigated and studied.
World armor & arms 3DCG gallery
 Castle & Temple
Japanese castle & temple 3DCG gallery The ancient building of the restored Himeji suburbs.
 Himeji Castle at the time of the 1581 construction,restoration of the temple ruins around a house.
 Japanese army & navy
Japanese tank 3DCG gallery ・Tank
The tank from Type 94 light tankette to Type 3 middle tank which the Japanese army used etc. is restored.
・Series of Japanese tank 
Japanese howizer 3DCG gallery Howizer
 Type 88 75mm AAG,Type 92 75mm Cannon,and Type 2 20mm Machine Cannon,etc are restored.  
Japanese gunsight 3DCG gallery ・Gunsight
 From Revi 3C to Type 4 gunsight which the Japanese army and Navy used etc. is restored.
Japanese aircrafts cockpit 3DCG gallery ・Cockpit
 Control panel has restored from Type 1 fighter to Type 4 fighter and Type 100transport.
 Restoration is due to be increased from now on.
Japanese gun of aircrafts 3DCG gallery ・Gun for aircraft
Gun and cannon with which the Japanese fighter etc. was equipped are restored.
Japanese aircrafts 3DCG gallery ・Aircrafts
 Future work is undecided although Type2 fighter and Type 3 fighter were restored until now.
Japanese ships 3DCG gallery ・Ship
 Japanese Army troopship "Sinsyumaru"was restored.
 Science Fiction & Others
Space satellite(Japan JAXA,NASA,EU etc. )

A near future radio guidance tank and vacuum tube amplifier.
Science fiction 3DCG gallery
Others 3DCG gallery
 Funatsu Aviation Instruments Museum
Funatsu aviation instruments museum ・Funatsu Aviation Instruments Museum
 The maniac handbook site which spent the time for 25 years or more, and carried out full complete coverage of Japanese army and Navy aircrafts instruments.

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