Japanese old armor and arms
 From the Jomon period to the present age was divided into 12 groups.
 Arms representing each time (armor and arms) It introduces.
 Arms have what reproduced what existing as it was, and the thing made
 original based on a  form of those days.
 About especially a dress, and color and a pattern, the author is original.
Jomon Yayoi Ancient-tomb Asuka and Nara Heian and Kamakura
From 5th B.C. to 4th B.C. From 4th B.C. to 3rd A.D. From 3rd A.D. to A.D.600 From A.D.600 to A.D.794 From A.D.794 to A.D.1333
CG Jomon warrior CG Yayoi warrior CG Ancient-tomb warrior CG Asuka & Nara warrior CG Heian & Kamakura "Bushi"
Muromachi and Age of civil wars End & End of Edo Period and Meiji Meiji Taisho and Showa GSCF Ainu race1345
From A.D.1333 to A.D.1568 From A.D.1603 to A.D.1912 From A.D.1912 to A.D.1945 - -
CG Muromachi,Age of civil wars "Samurai" CG 1944 Japanese army CG Aine warrior