Japanese old armor and arms
Jomon(From 4rd B.C. to 8th B.C. )
Helmet  leather
Armor  leather,Wooden
Arms  Copper or iron sword,Stone Spear,Stoneax
The visitor who came to Japan ?
Shading Earthenware(BC 4th) Aomori
Shading Earthenware(BC 4th) Aomori October 6, 2011
Armor made from leather seen in Central Asia, China, Korea, etc. Jomons soldier (4th B.C.)
Jomons soldier with bronze sword and wooden shield.
October 7, 2011 Jan 15, 2008(Incomplete)
  In China around the B.C. 4th century, it was the midst of the years Age of Civil Wars.
It is thought that those who escaped war fire landed at Japan in quest of the ground of a peaceful life.

  This leather armor does not suit climate (humidity) of Japan, but follows the way of a decline.
(This is based on a guess and there is no steadfast proof. )
The soldier with bronze sword and wooden shield.